Photographing Bittersweet

Is it me or does summer just seem to fly by? I always have more plans than time during the summer, some stuff I get to, some things get put off and some appear out of nowhere. Back in July, Olav Peterson, a friend and chef/owner of Bittersweet, Denver’s current best restaurant, asked me to shoot some of his summer menu. I’ve shot for Olav before, it’s always a treat as I get to chow on the items once we finished with each dish. The plates are paced just perfectly enough to give me time to do both tripod shots and a few handheld.

The restaurant itself is all windows so the natural light is amazing. The kind of place where you could easily hold a workshop with several food bloggers. Unlike before, where I had used the restaurant as the background for the food, I wanted this to be cleaner and focus on nothing but the food.

I put together a collage of a couple of shots of each dish, looking forward to Olav’s fall menu and the chance to get back into Bittersweet with the camera and perhaps dinner!!


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  1. Thanks Karen! I’ve been a little lax on the site, my real life has been quite busy but I am planning updates soon!!

    @Kiirsten, that’s not a bad idea, I’ll have to ask the chef what he thinks.

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