Pirogi w/ Hot Sauce Braised Brussels Sprout at Session Kitchen


Being the boss has it’s perks, especially when you need a photo for a local publication.  Trying to get chefs and restaurants to schedule times isn’t convenient to either party and sometimes you have to struggle with customers, staff, ambiance and all sorts of things out of your control when the restaurant is tight on time or needs to shoot while they’re open.  But when you can walk into one of your own restaurants when no one is there, have the chef whip up a quick picture worthy dish and get out before the FOH staff shows up, that is ever so quick and easy.

I had time to set up this shot, so I went tripod all the way.  I played with the plating a little and even took my time choosing the right Staub.

ISO 250, 105mm, f/3.0, 1/60th sec.

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