The ‘Beet Salad with Aerated Gouda’ at Squeaky Bean


Last year I had the opportunity to shoot the photos for a cookbook, my first.  I spent 3 months rolling from restaurant to restaurant collecting photos of chosen dishes, interiors, exteriors and chefs.  I was really happy with most of the results from the book.  There were some I would have loved to have had a second opportunity to shoot, but then there were some like this Beet Salad with Aerated Gouda from the uber-talented Max Mackissock while he was at Squeaky Bean.  Definitely one of my favorite shots from the book (which you can buy here), also the same photo I have used as my desktop background for the last year!

I was disheartened when Max left Squeaky Bean as I had never been able to make it in for a meal.  I look forward to seeing where he lands next, till then, I just lick my computer screen and imagine.

ISO 1600, 85 mm, f/2.5, 1/50th sec.

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