Photo: Hummus Bel Lahme From Dorchester Social

It’s always fun when I get a call from a friend who needs a few photos.  My friend Michel Wahaltere is back in Denver after several years in Aspen.  He’s got a new restaurant opening in lower Denver (lodo for you locals) this summer.


While shooting a few photos for a Zagat piece, he was hoping we could do a few extra for some social media stuff, if you know Michel, he is all about social media, half chef/half promoter.  We shot several dishes inside the home of one of his friends where he was working on recipes.  We set up a table by the large plate glass window, diffused some light and bounced some more.  This was the hummus plate from that little shoot, I’m definitely looking forward to the opening.

ISO 640, 105mm, f/3.5, 1/60 sec.

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